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Hi!  We invite you to stay in touch with GSITech, your Calgary business computer & network support team on Social networking. In today’s busy world where we gulp our coffee on the go, social media helps to keep us connected. Even when connecting with you on a more casual basis, we like to help out you or your small business. So, join us on Facebook to read relevant TECH NEWS that offers computer help or a heads up about the latest gadgets – just LIKE our page! Keep in the loop with our current promotional offers for IT support in Calgary …and region… yes, we do Airdrie IT support, and we do IT consulting in all places like Okotoks, Chestermere, Strathmore, Cochrane, as well. And if you don’t find those promos, when looking for them, give us a call and ask! We enjoy interacting with you.  🙂

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