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Flexible & valuable IT support approach:

Let us take on those computer troubles. Decrease the stress, so you don’t feel like throwing that computer out the window… GSITech IT Services is the outsourced IT department for your business. Our Calgary business IT consulting skills can be called upon by your company, for a single project or case of computer trouble, or we can provide fully managed IT support service, there for you, every day. Or yet, we can even back up your IT team. Either way, you pay for only the support you need.


Onsite & remote IT support:

We can visit your office, so you can work with a friendly, accommodating technician, face-to-face. We can walk you through matters where you’re having trouble, or work on your computer right there – and save you the trip of packing it up to take out somewhere. We provide a complete picture of support options – you can send your IT support requests to our monitored email and phone help, or even by text. And we can even get you set up, so that we can help out with remote support, and get to the problem without the wait, while cutting costs.


Monitoring & network management (including server support):

If you desire proactive options, we can install brilliant apps & devices to monitor your networks and provide server support, for everything from temperature, to power, to online status, and more. We have often called our clients, ready to deal with an issue, before they can call us.

We can secure your network and advise you on threats to your network. We are experienced in taking care of every endpoint, with proactive solutions, for your protection, with computer, server and gateway anti-malware (virus & related threats) solutions, including various needs in email security.

We protect your priceless business files with a multitude of backup solutions. We can design a routine that fits your data, with options to keep history, or protect backup files from failure, or fireproof/waterproof units, so that you don’t have to remove them from your site.

We provide ongoing maintenance for your desktops, servers, network devices, so you can focus on the daily demands of your business, while issues are proactively taken out of the way, when the many important steps of upkeep for your systems are meticulously cared for.


Wide scope of Information Systems skills & platforms

  Desktop support: Microsoft Operating systems, installation, troubleshooting, upgrades, general application support; Linux; Apple Mac OS X (enterprise & peer-to-peer)

  Server support: Microsoft server Operating systems: file server administration, account administration, troubleshooting, maintenance/patch administration, (Dell servers, Lenovo, IBM, varied brands)

  Networking (& business WiFi) : domain and peer-to-peer networking, Enterprise and SOHO (small/home office ) firewall / router / VPN & Internet connection setups, secured business-class WiFi (like Meraki WiFi, etc.), & network tech support – along with cabling and patch panels.  (Brands like SonicWall, Meraki, Synology, Cisco Small Business, Belden, Middle Atlantic, etc.)

  Printer & business-oriented peripheral configuration: (network & local) – installation, troubleshooting

  Apple / Macintosh support: enterprise, domain, and peer2peer

  iPad / tablet / smartphone / mobile : administration/configuration (iOS, Android, etc)

  Cloud: Private cloud and third party cloud options (including Office 365 and iCloud)


Application Support for business computers:

  General Application Support: Our technicians are skilled and experienced in application/database theory, with foundation to support your specialized application. (Supporting: installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Experience in networked database applications, server products, Microsoft Office / Office 365, accounting applications, and web applications.)

  Specialized Applications: we have much experience with specialized applications from many industries, on account of our IT consulting work with many Calgary business clients. As well, this experience applies well when you need a team that that has the foundational knowledge to get up to speed quickly in supporting your own industry application.

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