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GSITech is a Calgary tech support & IT management services provider. Our team has been expertly helping with the on premises and cloud services needs of businesses in the Calgary region, as well as other areas of Alberta & Canada, since 2004. As a company, we value integrity and good character, and our business practices reflect this. At GSI, we determine to set a high standard in our personable IT consulting & network support. We serve businesses – from small to great, and those mobile – by becoming their outsourced IT department. Our IT professionals manage the design, implementation and support of the IT infrastructure of corporate networks — including computer support & repair. When your business hires us, we resolve your computer network issues, and you only pay for the support you need. As well, you get access to more skills as compared to the cost of in-house, by employing the kind of tech you need on a given day.

At GSITech, we are committed to bringing forth solutions that bring value to your company and promote business continuity. When we resolve computer problems, properly functioning network systems run seamlessly in the background of a busy business environment. Information Technology with proper setup and support can increase profitability for companies — our computer techs can help you run your business in the Calgary & region marketplace, more efficiently. We approach your technology as you do – as the enabler of your business goals. Here at GSITech, we understand that it is not just about getting the job done. We value Quality and strive for Excellence. We train our technicians in the GSI way: when you hire us, you are getting quality technicians that operate with integrity and respect, and endeavor to bring forth excellence in skills serving your business. We offer full IT service – with experience on all kinds of brands – to be the complete IT department for the management and support of your business network, …OR a scaled down, “on-call” version …depending on your needs.

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Why choose us for IT Support

Integrity:  Our commitment to run our business in a way that is honest and ethical amounts to peace of mind for you. We pride ourselves in being fair, and offer detailed invoicing, giving you , the client, a  detailed account of all of services rendered. This also offers the added benefit of having up to date records of all IT work completed.

Responsiveness: our support queue is designed so that you will get fast response for daily needs and emergencies. Ongoing monitoring enables us to be aware of what is going on with your network at all times, and allows us to respond quickly should any issues arise.

Respectful: you will be helped by friendly, polite technicians that understand that every industry is important, and every business person is a genius at something. Top thoughts in your day are on “my business”. We provide IT support skill, so that you can focus unhindered on your professional talent, that you have worked hard to excel at.

Flexibility: It is our goal to develop ongoing working relationships with our clients. We will work with you to come up with viable Information Technology solutions for your business that you can count on to resolve computer network issues – we have our best practices methods, but we a company that is always willing to find creative solutions that fulfill business need within business budget

We provide tech support Calgary can count on… we do what we do best… so that you can do what you do best!

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All I can say is, MIND.  BLOWN.
Pretty sure my laptop was never this fast, and if it was I don’t remember. Totally speechless!
Thanks for the awesome service Mark & team!
Superb experience

– Lisa Park, Fishnet Marketing (Calgary), Oct 2017

Senior Staff of your Calgary tech support team

Heidi J. Snell, President & COO

Calgary business tech support - Heidi Snell More info: LinkedIn

Mark G. Snell, Technical Manager

tech support Calgary business - Mark G. Snell  More info: LinkedIn

Mike Marquardt, Network Administrator, Server Lead

Calgary tech support - Mike M More info: LinkedIn

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