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Businesses have specific IT support needs, and we at GSITech bring to the table many different computer and network skills. We have introduced many different ideas of what we can do for you, but you may have a specific item in mind…
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GSITech IT Services – list of IT Consulting Services

Calgary IT support services

GSITech IT Services – List of Services & Support in Calgary region (updated, 2021)

[Note:  may not be exhaustive. Feel free to ask!]

Desktop / Desk-side support | server / network support:

– All Microsoft Operating systems (installation, troubleshooting, upgrades, general application support)
– Apple Mac OS X (enterprise & peer-to-peer)
– Synology DSM

Printer & business-oriented peripheral configuration:

(network & local)
– installation, troubleshooting
– network printers (individual, workgroup, company/large-yield support), all-in-ones: scanners, copiers; network delivery configuration (Shares, user profiles, Exchange, etc.)

Hardware: support & service, troubleshooting:

– network hardware: Cisco, Meraki, SonicWall, more…
– business-class desktop resource
– laptop support: Dell business-class, Apple MacBook Pro (Windows Bootcamp); domain integration & mobile, port replicators, more…
– smart & device hardware: Nest, Wink, Lutron, Generac, WeMo, Trendnet, SmartThings, Apple, more…
– peripheral support: cameras, webcams, external disks & optical drives, specialized displays, multimedia

Servers & server product support: (installation, management, troubleshooting)

– server hardware – Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Intel, Apple
– Microsoft server operating systems (up to Windows Server 2019; installation, troubleshooting, maintenance)
– server-class UPS (battery backup) – APC SmartUPS, monitoring, etc.
– Virtualization (Hyper-V, VMWare), Hyper-V P2V and consolidation
– File services (+ Distributed File System)
– Active Directory services / DNS / DHCP (network management services)
– E-mail (messaging) servers: Microsoft Exchange, SmarterMail; high-availability, failover
– SQL management
– Work Folders SSL storage services (seamless secure access)
– Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
– Microsoft Internet Information Server (web services)
– Microsoft Group Policy, network management services

Network management / support:

– domain and peer-to-peer networking (various platforms)
– routers and firewalls: SonicWall, Meraki (various business-class); subnets, secure open ports, failover
– managed switch installations: Meraki, Cisco Small Business
– business-class internet provisioning consulting: broadband, DSL, wireless; static IP management, high-availability / failover, more…
– Security applications & appliance installation: gateway protection, antimalware (virus & related threats) solutions
– backup solutions: various backup & recovery regimes (history, volume shadow copy; multi-disk / high capacity; disaster proof / fireproof /waterproof units)
– regular maintenance: 1) desktops 2) servers 3) network devices (varying degrees)
– Projects: server deployment, desktop deployment, more…
– VPN configuration: SSL / IPSec on SonicWall
– Network Attached Storage: Synology, Iosafe, Drobo, etc
– VOIP phones

Network topology:

– cabling & termination; patch panel installation (based on availability)
– server rack setup (4-post, 2-post, shelves, rails, cabling management)
– environment management (monitoring, consulting on air conditioning, etc.)
– server room construction: consulting on power requirements, physical security, locations, etc.

WiFi / Wireless networking installation:

– enterprise WiFi installation, support & management (Meraki managed access points, varying brands)
– wireless keyboards/mice
– Bluetooth technologies

Mobile technology support:

– iPhone, Android, Windows (configuration, Exchange, apps, network integration)
– iPad/tablet/smartphone: administration/configuration; MDM & enterprise tablet configurations
– Mobile Device Management (MDM on Meraki, varying brands)
– mobile app integration with cloud & network: Microsoft Office for iOS/Android, SMB explorers, etc.


– Private cloud technologies – support/setup (Work Folders, RDS, VPN, Exchange,
– Third party / Public cloud – support, administration, setup, licensing (Office365, iCloud, more…)
– cloud consulting / advice: hybrid cloud design

Application Support: installation, maintenance and troubleshooting

– Microsoft Office, Outlook, Visio, Microsoft Project
– Adobe Acrobat (Std/Pro), Reader, Photoshop
– Java; other general multimedia applications, more…
– Apple (iTunes, QuickTime, iCloud), various OS X applications
– server management applications (OpenManage, APC, Spiceworks, more… )
– accounting applications, including Quickbooks and Quickbooks Enterprise, Sage, Freshbooks
– security: BitDefender, Mail Security, Malwarebytes, more…
– types: local, web, cloud
– specialized industry experience: Point of Sale, hospitality, health care, CAD design, customer relations databases, web; office moves, new business / IT construction consulting
– web & multimedia design: WordPress, web management, more…  (based on availability)

IT management:

– network design consulting (building construction & network only)
– upgrade advice & planning
– disaster recovery planning
– network management assessments
– network security assessments
– licensing consulting and planning
– remote support assistance
– day-to-day network management / help desk support
– project management
– Sales consulting & procurement

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